Buying Rattan- Your go to guide- IMPORTANT read!

Here we discuss commonly asked questions or decisions to make when purchasing your rattan garden set. With outdoor living space creations on the rise, below we look at what you should consider before purchasing a rattan set.


1. Size of the rattan

- Some pictures of rattan can be deceptive. Always check the size guide and measure up your desired space before ordering. Here at MODE Rattan we always try to use real life imagery where we can. Set up generic pictures may be misleading. We try to offer multiple photos, so you can have a look at our sets in different set ups, from multiple angles. All images shown on MODE Rattan are images sent to us by our valued customers.


2. Flat packed or Pre assembled

Due to the size of most rattan sets, many of them will come flat pack. If you are like us here at MODE Rattan ( impatient) this can be a hassle.

At Mode Rattan we try to keep assembly minimal for our customers. For example, with our Atrina and Amalfi sets the sofa's are in tact and have one arm to bolt on. The tables also require minimal assembly. Our rising tables are actually fully assembled when shipped!

Logistically, it is hard to ship fully assembled furniture due to the size and it would be enough to fill a small van. The environmental impact of shipping one fully assembled set, compared to several partially assembled is not justifiable. 


3.Cushion thickness

You will see many sets on the market, that have extremely thin cushions. These are often cheaper sets.

Like wanting a comfy bed, or a comfy indoor sofa, the comfort of the rattan sets is equally as important, especially if we want to be drifting off in the sun on summer days. At MODE Rattan, we have a minimum of 10cm thick cushions, making them very comfy to relax on. 

With our images we have tried to show the depth of the cushions well. They are really plump and maintain their shape.


4. Packaging

Packaging is really important to avoid any damage to your set during delivery. at MODE Rattan, all of our cushions are packed into bags to avoid them getting dustry. Our Glass is all covered in bubblewrap, and bubblewrap also supports the corners of the rattan sofa sets and tables inside the boxes.


5. Thickness of the Glass

The thickness of the glass makes a huge difference to your rattan weave underneath. The thicker the glass, the more your rattan is protected from the sun. At MODE Rattan we only use 5mm thick tempered glass, which is significantly more than other suppliers. It also means it is less likely to smash.

The glass for our table tops is securely wrapped in bubble wrap in our boxes.


6. PE vs PVC Rattan

There are many types of synthetic rattan material including PE, PU and PVC. PVC and PU are the cheaper option, however they are not as weatherproof and can often crack of go brittle when left out in the cold.

PE rattan is more expensive and can be left out all year round, although we always recommend using one of our covers for best practice.

All MODE Rattan's sets are made from flat weave PE rattan.


7.Natural or Synthetic

Synthetic rattan is more durable and weather resistant than natural rattan, especially for the UK climate! At MODE Rattan, we only sell sets made from synthetic PE rattan, as detailed above.


8. Aluminium or Steel frames

- Mode Rattan supplies both aluminium and steel framed furniture. Aluminium is significantly lighter than steel frames, therefore is far more likely to get damaged by the wind/ blowing around your garden, especially in the UK climate, compared with steel frames. Although it never rusts.

With steel frames, MODE Rattan use powdered coated steel frames to prevent rusting. You can also get rust removers and prevention paints to reinforce the integrity of your steel frames.

9. The lead time of your furniture

Many suppliers of Rattan Garden furniture source their products from overseas. You are probably familiar with captions for all furniture stating

' Pre order for delivery June' ( which is month away)

' Delivery 16 weeks'

We have a short window of sun here in the UK, so we want to make the most of it rather than waiting several months for our garden furniture to arrive. At MODE rattan, all items we list for sale are IN stock ( in our warehouse) or a maximum of 4/5 weeks away. We disagree with taking orders from customers where the product hasn't yet been manufactured.

ALL of our products have up to date lead times on them, and if a product isn't 5/6 weeks away we won't list it for sale.