The importance of real life images when purchasing online furniture! – MODE.Rattan

The importance of real life images when purchasing online furniture!

Why are real life images important?

Firstly, we have all bought something online, which we have had the hassle of sending the item back, when it looked like nothing like the images we had seen online.

Often, we feel really disappointed and let down! In fact, the stats show us that actually 63% of shoppers in the UK have received items that look nothing like their online images. This is only going to continue to increase with the rise of online shopping due to greater availability of different products, and convenience with busy lifestyles.

How to try to ensure products you are buying online, look like the pictures


1. Ask for real life images

- A good way to ascertain what a product online you are ordering will look like in real life, is to ask them for real life images. Many online retailers just list a catalogue image of their product. Often, when the item arrives it can look very different to the images online. We as humans, don't often read descriptions fully. Real life, close up images enable us to do most of that quickly visually rather than having to read long text and ascertain what the goods will look like.

MODE Rattan tries to use as many real life images as possible four our best selling lines. Either taken by our customers, or taken by us. We try to vary the items in different locations to they can be visible from all angles in different lights.


2. Contact the company

- Ask the company for more information about the products. Most companies have a tel. line, email or live chat box. Live chat boxes are super convenient now for people who lead busy lives and don't want to spend time on the phone, likely on hold for a simple answer to a question. MODE Rattan operates a live chat box which is manned 8am-8pm Monday- Saturday.


3. Watching Videos

Videos are a great way to get an understanding of the product, which avoid having to read long text and use your imagination. Again, videos in a real life setting are best. If we apply this to clothes, a model walking is a great idea to see how they fit. If a company doesn't have any videos, its worth asking them.


4. Check out their social media

Social media is a great way to get a better understanding of a product. Most companies will be proud to share their real life images on their social media pages. Try to avoid companies that just do logo's with text and offers over, with the same generic catalogue picture, it doesn't give you any more of an idea about what that product may look like in real life. Companies who are proud of their products, will want to share real life imagery.


5. Do your research

Find out where a company is based, do they have the option for you to view if you are local? are they a legitimate company? You can check out companies house, and also look to see if they are VAT registered. Trust pilot is also great for generic company reviews.


6. Does anyone any list the companies products

We are probably very familiar with large outlets selling a range of different brands, it is always worth checking on other platforms too. Or, find out if the company has any other imagery on any other promotional sites, such as luxury living magazines, local event fairs, or British VOGUE.